Trust yourself. Vote for what you want.

The idea that you need to vote "strategically" to avoid your 'worst fear' is a campaign tactic used by political parties who are afraid of losing. It generally compels voters to vote for something they don't necessarily want to vote for, and it always works in the interests of the party promoting the message. It has been disproved time and time again but it keeps being used because it makes people afraid and is thus a powerful emotional weapon.

If you break it down logically you can see why this argument doesn't hold up. It's based almost entirely on the polls and we all know how wrong the polls are in elections these days. Maclean's ran a great article on this recently, specifically for this election, that is worthy of a read. 

 Instead of simply accepting the "vote-splitting" or "strategic vote" message, think about what you are trying to achieve with your vote. If you like what a specific party stands for - it's really simple - vote for that party. If you want change from politics as usual - consider voting for the party that offers that change the most.  

The BC Greens have demonstrated that we are the only party that offers a different way of doing things. We are the only party to ban corporate and union donations, the only party to stand up against unsustainable and unrealistic  LNG development, and the only party that doesn't require our representatives to toe the party line - meaning you get a representative who only has one boss...YOU!

Last, Adam Olsen came within 379 votes of winning the last election - and he "took" more votes from Liberals than NDP - read Vaughn Palmer's article on this riding for more on this.

Basically - in this riding there are three viable options to vote for - no one is "splitting" any vote.

And even if you still want to put your faith in the polls, check them out in Saanich North and the Islands - Olsen is ahead in every poll!


It's your vote! Trust yourself.