Adam Olsen on Housing


I am hearing everyday the uncertainty that people in Saanich North and the Islands are feeling around their housing. It’s really sad that folks who have invested a life-time here can’t afford to stay here, and are feeling like they need to move.

The issues are well publicized. Billions of dollars pumped into the Lower Mainland housing market is spilling over into our riding. Yet costs are increasing like the BC Ferries, ICBC and of course BC Hydro, and incomes are not rising to meet the needs. People are feeling stressed out, and that’s not good for our society or for our economy.

Reversing this is complex and cannot be done by any one community at any one time. There are far too many silo’s.

Housing is an essential building block to a resilient society. We need to look at the big picture across the riding, and of course across the region. Governments just throwing money around to appear to be doing something really is not that helpful. What we need is an MLA who is committed to doing the groundwork.

I will be that facilitator.

As a former Chair of Planning and Development in Central Saanich, I have experience in community planning and I am not prepared to passively sit back, and think that our housing challenges are going to solve themselves. Because they won’t.

As your MLA I will be always be working to bring the community leadership together to ensure that we are making decisions that benefit the broader community. I want the people who live here, who have invested here, and who love our community to be able to afford to stay here.

It’s really important that we are not hollowing out our communities. It starts with housing, but it also includes transportation and agriculture and with small business.

I will be canvassing those issues in the coming weeks so stay tuned.

Until next time, HIÁȻE.