It’s a win for Adam Olsen in Saanich North and the Islands

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May 9, 2017

It’s a win for Adam Olsen in Saanich North and the Islands

Sidney, B.C. - In a room full of cheers and happy tears, Adam Olsen’s family, friends and supporters celebrate a big victory here in Saanich North and the Islands. 

“We have reached out and captivated the voters with a positive vision for all British Columbians, and I can’t wait to get started in the legislature representing you - the people of Saanich North and the Islands,” says Olsen. 

“I stand here today feeling so very grateful, so very excited. But the diverse views of our riding are clear, and I know it’s my job now to represent our community as a whole in the B.C. legislature. Political opinions aside, the people of Saanich North and the Islands have won, because our community is engaged and excited about politics again,” Olsen stated while thanking the other three candidates for a race that kept him on his toes. 

This traditionally liberal riding was considered to be the Green Party’s best chance of picking up an additional seat based on the 2013 results where only 379 votes separated Olsen’s third place from Holman’s victory. Today’s result demonstrates a dramatic increase of support for Olsen and the B.C. Green Party in Saanich North and the Islands.

The democratic process is alive and well in Saanich North and the Islands - a riding known for it’s high voter turn out - seeing approximately 70% of eligible voters make it to the polls. 

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Erin Bremner-Mitchell
Campaign to Elect Adam Olsen


Launch Party to Support BC Green Candidate, Adam Olsen

Sidney, B.C - The headquarters for BC Green Party Candidate for Saanich North and the Islands is now officially open in Sidney, and all are welcome to the Launch Party this Saturday February 11 at 5pm. 

The Launch Party is an opportunity to engage with supporters of the Candidate, Adam Olsen, including local MP Elizabeth May. With over 50 RSVP’s already collected, it’s sure to be a demonstration of how the BC Green Party is generating support. Refreshments and entertainment are what make it a party, but this event is about harnessing the energy that sprawls through Adam’s network, and about extending the reach to constituents who are searching for a voice to represent them at the Provincial level. 

The campaign office is located at 2353 Bevan Avenue in Sidney, Unit 1A in Bevan Square where Lordco is. The Launch Party will be held there on Saturday February 11, from 5 - 8pm. Press are encouraged to attend. 

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