Connecting Saanich North and the Islands to the World

Our riding is vast and has many transportation challenges. We are the provincial, national and international gateway that opens the capital region up to the world. Efficient transportation networks help create sustainable communities and healthy economies. Effective transportation fosters growth in the tourism, manufacturing and agricultural industries - all of which are critical economic opportunities for our riding.

We cannot continue to solve transportation problems one intersection at a time. We need a facilitator at the provincial level to bring local governments, first nations and community groups together to establish a plan on how to effectively move people, goods and services around our riding and strengthen connections with the rest of the world.

As the former Chair of the Planning and Development Committee in Central Saanich, I understand that community planning depends on excellent transportation networks. The provincial government has required the communities on the Saanich Peninsula to complete multiple corridor studies to establish priorities. Meanwhile, they undermined the process by not including the rest of the region and having separate discussions with individual communities.

The BC Greens want to look after people. We know that mitigating long and difficult commutes increases our quality of life, and reduces costs and environmental impacts. It’s time that we start listening and learning from the people who live with these challenges every day, like the folks that travel from their homes in the West Shore to work in Sidney. It’s time to re-connect the Gulf Islands, improve the roads, bike paths, and transit options there, realizing the social and environmental benefits of doing so.

Our 21st century economy requires real leadership, with a forward thinking vision, a collaborative and proactive approach to adapt in our rapidly changing world. The BC Greens offer that approach, considering social equity and the interests of future generations with each decision made.

For decades we have been aware of transportation issues in Saanich North and the Islands. As your next MLA, I will bring stakeholders together to align the priorities of the Saanich Peninsula and the Gulf Islands. We will work together to connect our employers with our employees, our residents to our services, and our visitors to our attractions. We will work together to provide transit options that are efficient, cost effective, and worthwhile alternatives to your car. Together we can solve these issues and move forward.

Adam Olsen
BC Green Party Candidate
Saanich North and the Islands