Adam Olsen on the Emerging Economy

An Economic Solution for Saanich North and the Islands

Running a business isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s for the brave, the patient and the persistent. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy but we are in a time of transition, one where business as usual doesn’t look like it used to.  For every $100 spent in a local business, $46 is re-circulated back into the local economy. This is what sustains communities and creates economic security, and it’s the people behind those organizations that need to be supported!

The upcoming provincial election presents an opportunity to elect leaders that support economic growth while being considerate of the environment, and ensuring that opportunities created today will be available for the upcoming generation.

The decisions we make around transportation and housing affect our local businesses. That’s why I believe we need to move away from the siloed decision making approach and consider the outcomes on other pillars of society, and our neighbouring communities. I believe the solution for sustainability in Saanich North and the Islands is to balance economic development with environmental protection - creating well-paying careers in technology and tourism, giving those income earners the ability to support local boutique businesses, and purchase our existing housing stock. It’s a full circle approach.

The Greens are the only party that are not influenced by large corporations and unions, because we do not accept their donations. We recognize that businesses, and the people behind them, need support, but we don’t expect them to make campaign donations to be heard. We are simply empowered to represent the needs of our constituents first, and our party second.  The BC Green Party platform for the new economy lays out specific investments and timelines on how we will achieve our objectives. A Green government will support research, development and commercialization of climate-friendly technologies, because climate change is not just an environmental issue, it’s an economic opportunity!

My family members have been small business owners on the Saanich Peninsula for 40 years. I grew up surrounded by creativity and entrepreneurialism. I am aware of the challenges business operators face and the risks that they take. I am working hard to earn your trust, and hoping you you will consider putting your vote in my care for the next four years.

Adam Olsen
BC Green Party Candidate
Saanich North and the Islands


Adam Olsen

Stellys Cross Road, Brentwood Bay, BC, V8M 1J7