Adam Olsen on Taxpayer Funded Ads and Partisan Election Spending

I am hearing a tonne of frustration from people about taxpayer money being spent to advertise on behalf of the BC Liberals, frankly.


Salt Spring last week, we had a Cabinet Minister roll into town with five million dollars worth of cheques, and there was the BC Liberal candidate taking credit for the investment being made in affordable housing, transportation, and education. Frankly, all issues that been needed to be invested in over the past sixteen years that the Liberals have been in power.

These decisions that the Liberals are making right now are entirely politically driven, they are entirely based on trying to get more BC Liberals elected, using taxpayers own money to try to lure them into making that choice on the ballot. It’s what is driving cynicism in our province right now, and unfortunately, it is eroding our democracy.

What we need is investments in our communities all the way through the term, not what we are seeing here which is this frantic display of splashing money around our province. I think that British Columbians would be pretty happy with a government if they were making investment decisions in our province based on governance, not politics.

I am excited about the BC Greens because I think we can upset the status quo in Victoria, and I think that we are a drastic change of pace from the two tired old establishment Parties that have been running this province for decades, and frankly, just serving their own interests.

Adam Olsen

Stellys Cross Road, Brentwood Bay, BC, V8M 1J7