Defending public education

Investments in public education pay off, and not in years, they pay off immediately, and in every part of our society.

Better resourced, less stressed teachers tomorrow, make a better day for your kid, my kid, and their teacher, tomorrow.

The BC Liberals boldly claim they are making record investments in education.

Yet School District 63 administrators have been forced to cut programs and services for more than a decade, now there is no more room to cut without harming the quality of our kid's education.

The Province resources three streams of funding for school districts, operating, special projects, and capital.

While the provincial education budget is increasing, the government controls how the money is spent, and they are under-funding operating budgets. Heat, books, teaching materials, counseling services, art and music programs, and many more.

Parent Advisory Committees are forced to fundraise more, just to deliver just the basics. Letting the BC Liberals off the hook.

We parents are stretched in many parts of our lives, and we should not have to fight our own government to properly fund our kid's education system. That’s absurd!

With the Supreme Court ruling against the BC Liberals, new teachers are on their way for Saanich schools. That’s great! But how will they be supported? Do they have classrooms? Teaching materials? Support staff?

More money for education is necessary, but it’s not just about more money. It is about how the Province allows it to be spent. It’s about our future, and it starts tomorrow morning at 8:30 am right here at Stelly’s, and in schools across BC.

You can count on me to be a fierce advocate for public education in Saanich North and the Islands.

Adam Olsen

Stellys Cross Road, Brentwood Bay, BC, V8M 1J7