Year in Review - Saanich North & the Islands

It is incredible that it is already one year since the provincial election. As you know, last year Saanich North & the Islands came very close to having the second B.C. Green Party seat in the Legislature. 

I am thankful for your support. Whether it was by volunteering, making a financial contribution, or with your vote, our team could not have had the success we did without you.

Despite falling just short last May, we did not lose nor have we stopped working. I am as dedicated today as I was a year ago to winning this seat as a B.C Green. To that end, I accepted the appointment as the Interim-Leader of the Party last August. It is a huge honour - never before have we faced the opportunity or the challenge that face now.

Locally, I am more confident than ever that Saanich North & the Islands will elect a Green in the legislature in 2017. To this day, complete strangers regularly stop me on on the street and say, “Next time Adam, we are going to get you elected!

Provincially, we promised to do things differently, and we have delivered. Our team is small but we have high capacity. We have tackled a multitude of issues and many we are at the forefront.

Andrew Weaver continues to address climate change. From his amendment to the throne speech to limit U.S. thermal coal transports from B.C. ports (which the BCNDP and B.C. Liberals voted unanimously against) or his constant pressure on the government LNG plans, Andrew continues to show tremendous leadership on these files.

One thing is certain Greens are the hardest working representatives. Just as we have seen in Ottawa, throughout the first full session, Andrew has been responsible for budget estimates for all of the Ministries, as well as maintaining a strong depth of knowledge on all the new legislation. Team Weaver has made us very proud!

Together, we are working with our colleagues in the BCNDP to fight Bill 24: The Agricultural Land Commission Amendment Act and Bill 4: The B.C. Parks Amendment Act and we have stood together to demand the government fix the deep problems at B.C. Ferries.

Last but not least, Andrew and I worked with our Member of Parliament, Elizabeth May to be at the forefront of the TransMountain (Kinder Morgan) Pipeline Expansion. All three of us are interveners in the National Energy Board hearings on the project. Andrew is the only B.C. MLA intervening in the application.

This project will have tremendous impact on Saanich North & the Islands; we stand to lose the most. Kinder Morgan want to increase tanker traffic from five per month to 68 per month (34 coming and 34 going) which will turn the Strait of Juan de Fuca into “dilbit alley”.

In the coming weeks and months we will host town halls on the project. We hope you will help us organize and we hope to see you there.

The B.C Green Party annual general meeting is May 31st in Kelowna, B.C. The entire executive of Provincial Council will be new. I am very excited about the energy and expertise our new team will bring to the B.C. Greens. Our hard work is paying off, the evolution of the party continues. I look forward to working with our new team!

Once the new group has settled into their roles we will begin discussing when the B.C Greens should hold a leadership convention. Until then I hope we can count on your help. Together, we need to re-elect Elizabeth May in the 2015 federal election and continue to strengthen our provincial constituency association to prepare for the 2017 provincial election. We need your help more now than ever and I look forward to working alongside you!

Adam Olsen

Stellys Cross Road, Brentwood Bay, BC, V8M 1J7