Grace Islet Update

Last week I asked all the people who signed my Grace Islet petition to send a note to the CRD Directors thanking them for supporting Victoria Councillor Ben Isitt’s Notice of Motion requesting the provincial government to take action to stop the development of the islet. I am grateful for everyone who took a few minutes to highlight their appreciation!

My petition (nearly 1000 signatures) asks Minister Steve Thomson to take action to protect the First Nations cemetery. The CRD motion also asked the provincial government to act and they have already received a response - no meeting, no action.

The ball is back in the CRD’s court. Last week the Directors voted unanimously to write to the Minister asking him to halt construction and work with First Nations to find an acceptable solution. Now that he has denied them their request the next question is, will they act?

The Board meets again next month and Director Isitt has started a petition asking his Board colleagues to consider expropriating the site and compensating the land owner. Please consider signing it.


I attended an event at the Ross Bay Cemetery in Victoria, BC. Salt Spring residents Joe Akerman and Briony Penn invited me there witness them unfurl a banner that looked like a house, beside the graves Penn’s ancestors.

They have started a social media campaign #nohousehere. I took them up on their challenge and during my visit stopped by the final resting place of Sir James Douglas. Douglas’ significance to the history of Greater Victoria, especially with the WSANEC could not be overlooked.

To participate in #nohousehere just post your picture on the Grace Islet Facebook page or tweet #nohousehere and @graceislet.

Adam Olsen

Stellys Cross Road, Brentwood Bay, BC, V8M 1J7