• Born and raised on Tsartlip First Nation in Brentwood Bay
  • Two-term Central Saanich Councillor (2008-2013)
  • Interim Leader and Deputy Leader of the BC Green Party (2013-2015)
  • Spearheaded local organizing effort against Malahat LNG project
  • Intervenor in the NEB hearings for the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion (Kinder Morgan)
  • Married to Emily with two children Silas and Ella
  • Coach of the W̱SÁNEĆ ȻELOSEN U-10 boys soccer team
  • Partner in the family business (Salish Fusion Knitwear)


  • Act
  • Be transparent
  • Represent our community first
  • Be passionate and committed to our home
  • Engage with you on your concerns
  • Foster community discussion on local and provincial issues
  • Work constructively with whoever is elected to government


Adam Olsen makes things happen. He brings people together because he believes that the best solutions come when we share ideas and collaborate. Adam doesn’t just talk, he works hard for real results and he leads with his heart. 

Adam was a two term Municipal Councillor (2008-2013) in Central Saanich where he was the Chair of the Planning and Development Committee and represented the community on numerous regional committees including the Regional Housing Trust Fund. He has worked hard to address derelict and abandoned boats and clean up the Saanich Inlet. He was an intervenor in the National Energy Board hearings on the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project (Kinder Morgan), passionately arguing for the defence of the Salish Sea.  Adam has also led the community effort to stop the Malahat LNG gas liquefaction plant proposed for Bamberton in the Saanich Inlet, which would see up to 122 LNG carriers visit each year.

Adam knows what good governance at the provincial level can look like. As the Interim and then Deputy Leader of the BC Green Party (2013-2015), Adam has been highly involved in building a Party that can offer a third choice to British Columbians. He has contributed his advice and ideas to policy proposals and legislation for the province, and worked closely with Andrew Weaver to hold the government to account. 

But, you can see Adam’s enthusiasm best on the sidelines of Blue Heron soccer pitch, when he’s coaching the W̱SÁNEĆ ȻELOSEN U10 boys - motivating the young athletes to work together, believe in themselves, and strive for the best they can be.

Adam and Emily have two children, Silas (age 9) and Ella (age 4). Adam has skin in the game! The future world that his children will inherit is his greatest concern and his primary motivation for being involved in politics. He appreciates the importance of building strong, resilient communities by investing in healthy, well-educated children, by ensuring that health and wellness services are available for those who need them, and by responsibly balancing economic development and environmental protection.

Adam is a community builder. It’s in his DNA. He has an indigenous and non-indigenous parent, which has given him a unique ability to bring diverse voices together around the table. Considerate and respectful of all views, Adam has earned the trust of Mayors, First Nations Chiefs, Councillors, business owners, and community leaders throughout the region. 


You can trust Adam to be transparent. What you see is what you've got. He makes decisions and takes positions based on his love for the Saanich Peninsula and the Salish Sea.  He works on projects to improve our society that are driven by the desire to leave a better world for his children. 

You can trust Adam to be passionate and committed to our home. The Saanich Peninsula and the Gulf Islands have been the home of his W̱SÁNEĆ relatives for countless generations. The notion of taking responsibility for defending and improving this area of the world is deeply ingrained in Adam and he is committed to ensuring that the place he loves does not become an unregulated industrial site. At the same time he believes in the potential of its splendour, its people, and the potential in our communities for innovation and ingenuity to solve the issues facing us.

You can trust Adam to be interested in your concerns and represent this community. He listens and learns. He does his homework so he can understand the issues. While Adam has endless ideas, he believes the best solutions come from the community and he will always seek the advice and opinions from a range of viewpoints and work to find common ground. Most importantly, Adam will represent your interests in the legislature, not his party’s interests in our community. 

You can trust Adam to make sound decisions about the economy. He comes from a family of small business owners who work hard and know the value of a dollar. He is an entrepreneur, and wants to empower business owners and their employees to be able to create, innovate and grow. Adam wants the Saanich Peninsula and Gulf Islands, to thrive.

You can trust Adam to act. Adam is courageous. He will speak when others hesitate. He will stand when others remain seated. Leadership, to Adam, is not about pursuing personal political ambitions but is rather an opportunity to find innovative solutions to 21st century challenges.