Thank you for visiting my website. My colleagues and I in the B.C. Green Party are working daily to build a solid alternative to politics-as-usual in British Columbia.

We are also working towards a provincial victory in my home riding of Saanich North & the Islands in 2017. I hope you will help in any way you can.
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SpiritClass.jpgA new report released by the Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) seriously questions the decisions of the provincial government to decrease ferry service and rapidly increase fares over the past decade.

The study shows mismanagement of the ferry system has cost the B.C. GDP an estimated $2.3 billion and as a result, all levels of government have lost an estimated $610 million in revenue and fare hikes since 2003 have caused an 11% decrease in ridership, as opposed to an estimated 19% increase had the government kept fare increases to the rate of inflation.

It is troubling that all of could have been averted had the government completed a basic socioeconomic impact assessment.

BCEdRally.jpgAt the end of June I wrote a piece thanking the many thousands of British Columbia teachers. I congratulated them for working hard with our children over the school year providing them an education ranked among the best in Canada and envied around the world.

I am grateful for teachers who go the extra 1.6 kilometres. I am thankful that they help me identify areas that my child needs help and highlight areas where he excels. I recognize that they do their very best to provide an environment for all our children to succeed.

This morning I was on CFAX AM1070 in Victoria talking about the B.C. government's response to Trans Mountain's motion to the National Energy Board requesting the regulator keep their Emergency Management Plan's confidential. You can read the B.C. Green Party press release here and view the entire response from the Province here.



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