CRD.JPGLast week I asked all the people who signed my Grace Islet petition to send a note to the CRD Directors thanking them for supporting Victoria Councillor Ben Isitt’s Notice of Motion requesting the provincial government to take action to stop the development of the islet. I am grateful for everyone who took a few minutes to highlight their appreciation!

hangingbasket1.JPGYesterday morning I read a Facebook post from one of my former teachers that started,  “Well, today marks the official first day of summer holidays after the last 3 worst professional months of my 21 year teaching career...” I was disheartened.

These are the words of a good teacher and a good person. They are not the words of an unreasonable and greedy person. It is frustrating to drive by the community schools, and the district offices and see our teachers on the picket line.

Adam_Olsen.jpgI spent last Saturday, National Aboriginal Day, at Centennial Park in Ganges on Salt Spring Island. My family joined a few hundred aboriginal and non-aboriginal people in a rally to protest the development of a luxury home over top of Coast Salish burial cairns on Grace Islet off Salt Spring.

The islet is a First Nations cemetery and well-known archaeological site. It was a common Coast Salish practice to bury high-ranking people on the tiny islets just off the shores of the Salish Sea.