Thank you for visiting my website. My colleagues and I in the B.C. Green Party are working daily to build a solid alternative to politics-as-usual in British Columbia.

We are also working towards a provincial victory in my home riding of Saanich North & the Islands in 2017. I hope you will help in any way you can.
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SunFlower.pngIt used to be much easier in the hyper-partisan arena of British Columbia politics. With just two parties in the legislature representing the “left” and “right”, decisions were black and white. With the emergence of the Greens, politics in B.C. is not so easy any more.

With the success of the federal, provincial and municipal Greens proving our ability to work well at the table, the old paradigm has changed.

photo_2.JPGLast Sunday, when I was deep in preparation for my testimony to the National Energy Board (NEB) for the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion application by Kinder Morgan, I developed an acute and severe pain in my right shoulder.

It was focused in an area about the size of a loonie. Some called it a kink and others speculated that it was the result of a voodoo curse. Somewhere there was a doll with a needle in the shoulder.

Updated.... November 26, 2014

November 25, 2014

Here is the Aboriginal Oral Testimony that I delivered to the National Energy Board this morning.
(Total time - 90mins)



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