Thank you for visiting my website. My colleagues and I in the B.C. Green Party are working daily to build a solid alternative to politics-as-usual in British Columbia.

We are also working towards a provincial victory in my home riding of Saanich North & the Islands in 2017. I hope you will help in any way you can.
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After many years sitting in the audience at UBCM as a Councillor from the District of Central Saanich, I am both honoured and humbled to be standing on this stage presenting to you today as the Leader of the BC Green Party.

As I only have five minutes of your time and want to be respectful of this opportunity and your time for lunch, I just want to say that I echo the greetings and the sentiments of my colleague John Horgan in thanking the executive, staff and members of the UBCM.

I am grateful to my relatives in here in Squamish and Lil Wat, my First Nations relatives who have lived and worked and played in these mountains for thousands of years.

Ferry.jpegThe Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) introduced the details of their latest major policy report yesterday, Boatswains to the Bollards: A Socioeconomic Impact Analysis of BC Ferries, prepared by Peter Larose of Larose Research and Strategy.

This impact analysis investigates chronic government mismanagement of the B.C. Ferries corporation, arguing that fare hikes and service reductions over a 10-year period have cost the provincial economy over $2 billion and eroded a world-class ferry system, threatening its long-term viability.

UBCM-Coleman.jpgThis morning we attended the LNG in BC: Opportunities and Challenges session at the Union of British Columbia Municipalities convention in Whistler, BC. The session should have been called LNG in BC: If we can we pull this thing off!”

The presenters highlighted the opportunity presented by the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) industry in British Columbia, but it lacked the balance needed to provide a fair analysis of what is really going on in the B.C. gas fields.



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